Episode 104 – A Precious Little Memorial

After falling down a mine hole and losing his memory, Martin happened upon a cave of wonders, which contained the decaying remains of an old podcast.  Dusting them off, he brought them to the surface for a decent internet burial.  Also: casual racism, cucumber confusion and everyone remembering why they stopped doing news items in the first place.  Warning: Gerbils.

Episode 103 – Half Empty

Halfway down the stairs is a stair where I sit,
There isn’t any other stair quite like this.
I’m not at the bottom,
I’m not at the top,
So this is the stair where I always stop.

Also Tom goes mental, Dill barks, Lisa loves the Olympics and Andy kisses the wishing hat and turns into a bee. Here’s a link to that Brunching Shuttlecock’s Bjork song: http://brunching.com/audio/bjorksong.mp3.

Warning: Vapours.


Episode 102a – Fringe Plugs

Martin didn’t realise that there wasn’t a podcast before the Edinburgh Fringe, so here are some plugs for the shows that he and the rest of the gang are going to see.

These are:

Michael Legge: What a Shame, 15:30, 3rd – 26th August (Not 13th), The Stand 2.

Bad Musical, 17:00, 1st – 27th August (Not 13th), Gilded Balloon.

Andrew J Lederer, Various shows. Find them at http://freefringeforum.org/programme.php

Molly Wobbly’s Tit Factory, 16:45, 1st – 26th August (Not 14th or 21st) The Assembly Rooms.

Dab and Tench: How to Be us, 19:45, 5th – 10th August, Amarone Restaurant.


Episode 102 – Not The Official Pepsi Olympics Podcast

Grip the arms of your chair, send the butler to his mothers and haul the urchin from the chimney. Because in episode one hundred and two of the only podcast officially not officially sanctioned by Darth Coe and the IOC: Andy and Lisa pimp Dill to Japanese business men, Tom smacks a sound board with his magic finger and Martin tells us about a dream in which he is embedded in Tom Daly. All in your free Gentleman’s Review.


Episode 101 – Dusting Off

In this episode:  Martin, Lisa, Andy and Tom reinstate the old news based format of the podcast to surprisingly good effect.  Topics include a dead fat pig, an ark floating down the Thames and Martin gives us another rundown of an NCIS episode.  All in your 0p Gentleman’s Review.


Episode 100 – Mariachi Wank

It’s taken them four years to reach one hundred episodes and the deluded simpletons believe that this is some kind of achievement.  Collings and Herrin who began at the same time as them, had done 167 episodes by the time they melted down and went up China last year.  This makes celebrating a hundred episodes futile.  But you have to let them have fun or they bite cats and violently fuck park benches.  Warning:  Spunk


Episode 99 – Civil War

In this episode Martin and Andy sharpen their guillotines to take on pro-monarchists Tom and Lisa in an argument to the death. Warning: This podcasts contains scenes which some listeners may find erotic.


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